November 2004
30 Min 11 sec


Mainly to play around I have started a podcast, It's experimental and maybe even a little ethically dubious as I will be pointing to other peoples shows. I hope to do this to promote them.

So to spark of, I'll start with IT Conversations my favorite feed. This is really intelligent programs mainly about IT but also other topics and as a sample I'm linking to a presentation Human Nature by Malcolm Gladwell. It's about how we can not trust peoples expressed opinions.

OK I'm back!

Still settling into blogging again and trying to get comfortable with this new version of This time I am experimenting with strongly typed posts. Instead of have on one post format fits all I am working with some types of posts, there will be:

  • Raw Links Will be lumps of links without much comment, Last time around I noticed that I often refrain from posting a link since I don’t have much to add to it. So this time I will collect them and publish them in lumps, some will be lumped together in logical groups and others will just be published like remainder links.
  • Reviews Self explanatory except that they will have a some kind of scrape-able XML that will allow other parties to do interesting stuff with it. Only problem is have yet to find a elegant format for these. More on this in a later post
  • Audio Following on the popularity of podcasting I thought it might be a good idea to start a meta podcast. Having no talent as a DJ (I know because I used to be one) I thought I would link to other peoples media files. I’ll explain more about this also in later posts

Of course there will still be "normal" posts and probably there will be more special formats to follow. Jason Kottke has been doing similar stuff for some time. I have three objectives with this experiment

  • Making the data generated by a a weblog more usable by the comunity. Sites like daypop and others are already doing very interesting trend analysis by just looking at links on sites, but if we started to publish more semantically there would be many more interesting things that could be done
  • Push icogs further, and make my site more flexible in its design
  • And I still foolishly want to learn how to write

The Incredibles

Brad Bird


Maybe the best Pixar yet, the story telling somehow feels very different than other animation movies, in a way, a funnier version of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie, only this movie is ironically much more human than them.

Anyway highly recommended specially for overgrown kids

Carl Beeth

3 Min 14 sec

Blue Monday

There is a wonderful thread on kottke's site about New Order's Blue Monday. One of the discoveries was a live Kylie Minogue mashup of the song "Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head" via Cheesedip.

Un long dimanche de fiancailles

Jean-Pierre Jeunet


Somehow this almost a great movie but sadly it is too much of Amélie but without the insane pace that makes Amélie such a great movie. As usual with a Jean-Pierre Jeunet pictures are fantastic, the casting and dialogue is also top notch. It’s just the rhythm that is off still worth seeing though.

Carl Beeth