November 2003

Zen Stories

Cool short zen stories

Carl Beeth

CSS is Good Masochism.

We are masochist if we enjoy making CSS based web sites! The proportion of time I spent designing this last iteration of my site versus the time working on CSS coding issues must be something like 1 to 10, this is completely ludicrous.

Part of the problem was of course that I wanted a mixed fixed and flex multicolumn layout a thorny issue in CSS design, add to that, the usual browser issues and the whole experience was quite painful. I even walked away from my initial design requirement of having all the margins and gutters fixed width because we could not figure out an elegant way to get a fixed width gutter between the two flex width columns. illustration of the columns and gutters wanted

Another painful thing is getting control over floated elements. On the positive side, things like fine-tuning the design are much easier with CSS positioning.

Now that I have built a few CSS based sites of varying shapes and sizes I am disappointed that we seem to have traded in one series of hurdles and restrictions for another. Yes the designers net benefit are in the CSS camp but it is still just a step up in purgatory.

Mr. Picassohead

Make your own little Picasso

Carl Beeth

Bush's Flash Visit to Iraq

Anyone else a little worried that the Bush's visit to Iraq stinks of photo-op-pr-stunt. I mean flying around half the planet in a 747 to have a two hour diner with the troops. Sure the troops deserve thanks but why not then visit the troops that are hospitalized in the US, it would be a lot cheaper and they are certainly not less deserving of thanks. Actually, I can't recall the president ever making a single visit to the wounded soldiers since the beginning of the war, of course that might ruin the illusion that this war is going without a hitch.

One could also say that the trip is meant as a symbolic show of force towards the enemies, Then again, I am quite sure it will backfire. First of all the short time and secrecy does not really demonstrate confidence and then the fact that bush did not meet any Iraqis is not going to go down well on location.

One good thing did come out of this: the US media stooped talking about Michael Jackson for two and half hours.

CSS Best Practice

Discusion of what should be CSS Best Practices

Carl Beeth

Design Not Found

The best and worst of contingency design

Carl Beeth

Lovemarks - Brands that people love.

Sadly the site is bad but the exercise is cool.

Carl Beeth

Wotan est mort les chiens aussi

Odball news in French

Carl Beeth

Too Quick to Copyright (pdf)

Companies cheat the law and the public by claiming ownership over too much stuff.

Carl Beeth

Bill Joy Interview

Wired - Hope Is a Lousy Defense

Carl Beeth

Persona-Based Design

CIO - How to Play to Your Audience

Carl Beeth

Tapestry, Comics by RSS

Tapestry is a series of RSS feeds for online comics

Carl Beeth

Anatomy of Stealing $49 Billion

Get the polititians to write a provision in the energy act giving them protection from lawsuits over their negligence.

Carl Beeth

Votes and punitive trade sanction

Threatening to hit marginal states with sanctions to unseat Bush in the next elections is plain stupid and will only help Bush.

The reason is the targeted voters will never understand the legal quidproquo and will see it as a foreign attack on their interests, and if they see it as foreign attack they will vote for Bush and his proven record of bashing the foreigners. So in my opinion this would just backfire and help Bush win the election.


Reading Mark's Comments of Weblog Spam really drives home the fact that spam is a worse scrooge than viruses. I'm sure that if you look at the cost to society spam is worse than hackers and viruses put together. So why do politicians do everything to throw hackers in jail and nothing to legislate against spam? The problem is that their metaphor is still direct mail outfits and that needs to be updated. The best way to do that in my opinion is to start publishing theirs and their families email addresses on the net and you will see them change their tune when their dotter starts getting penis enlargement ads.

How Toons

One-page cartoons for kids to build, play, and learn with!

Carl Beeth

xScope, Cool Screen Tools for the Mac

xScope is a powerful set of tools for measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics and layouts.

Carl Beeth

Soros's Deep Pockets vs. Bush

George Soros has a new project: defeating President Bush.

Carl Beeth

25 Provocative Science Questions

Celebrating Science Times 25 years ago, we pose 25 provocative questions facing science.

Carl Beeth

Word HTML Cleaner

Textism's Word HTML Cleaner

Carl Beeth

Al Gore Speaks on Freedom and Security

Al Gore Speaks on Freedom and Security

Carl Beeth

Keep CSS Simple

Digital Web Magazine article on the Need to avoid CSS Hacks

Carl Beeth

In Defense of Dutch Drug Policy

Kuroshin article on dutch drug policy

Carl Beeth


Know your hereos, heroines - and History

Carl Beeth

Ken Bereskin's "Panther" Weblog

Bite size tips on Panther

Carl Beeth

Incomplete Design Manifesto

Bruce Mau's fantastic Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Carl Beeth

Shirky and The Semantic Web, Syllogism, and Worldview

Strong critique of the Semantic Web

Carl Beeth