July 2002

BBQ at JP's

Sitting here enjoying the weather and a great BBQ evening at JP's place. Tomorrow I'll hopefully upload some images.
Update: After nursing a really bad case of hang over all day I finally uploaded a little montage of the evening. I only kept the low flash picture as they gave the best ambience even if they are all fuzzy. Thanks for sending the pictures Kris.

What We're Doing When We Blog

Megnut is putting weblogs back into perspective after all these press articles about the the war bloggers.
Freed from the constraints of the printed page (or any concept of "page"), an author can now blog a short thought that previously would have gone unwritten. The weblog's post unit liberates the writer from word count.
This is a very important point she makes.

Link Titles Added

I added link titles to the bookmarks on the left hand. Try it out roll over one and a little tool tip should pop up with a description. Only sad thing is that DreamWeaver chokes on the double cog:attribute: and rightfully displays it as an error. Ah well cant have everything work perfectly! Here is the code:
<a href="" title="" cog:attribute="href = #url" cog:attribute="title = #description" cog:content="#title">

Update Oups I was going about it in the wrong way! Apparently you just put both attributes in one item and separate them with a ";" like this
<a href="" title="" cog:attribute="href = #url ; title = #description" cog:content="#title">

August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web

Ftrain.com has one of the best explanations of the semantic web I have yet seen. The semantic web is one of the incredibly powerful concepts that are almost impossible to fully grasp. Here, however they do a really good job, by turning it into a little science fiction they really illustrates the power. Having said that, I think that the way the W3C is going about popularizing the concept is doomed to failure. In my opinion what they should do is first try to popularize a few minor semantic extensions to xhtml. These could be just simple wrappers that say that this is a phone number, this is a postal address, this is a calender event. This way a browser agent could pick up that data and send it to the phone or to a calendar... Actually I wrote something on this back in 98 of course that was before there was much talk about RDF. I wonder if Apple's iCal will support something like this, It certainly looks that way from Job's Keynote (58 minutes into the presentation wow that MPEG4 scrubbing feature works great)

Dive into Accessibility

Dive into Mark has published a great guide on accessibility I love the way he has each time added who benefits from each technique. The only qualm I have is that he does not emphasize enough the general benefits. For example In the meaningful titles page I would like to add that for people like me that constantly surf by popping up new windows or tabs it can be a huge benefit to have good titles.

It's getting there...

OK so not everything is working as I thought, but it's close enough that I can start thinking of moving my site to public space. Well that is when I will post some relevant content of course.

I cheated on a couple of item...
The bookmarks does not yet have a latestBookmarks method so I cheated by adding a category new that I will need to remove and add as time goes by. Since we don't yet have a method to pick a random bookmark from a specific category I added another category "Current Fun" to take care of the Take Five item. I also cheated by creating a story sitem to hold the blob ant the bottom of the page. Since I could not yet use storyWith I just used latestStories and made sure there was only one item in the sitem.

Finally the FTP works!

Ouch that was sort off painful finally got everything else to work and not finding the FTP password. Anyway I finally found an old backup of the palm and uploaded it to the new one. There I was really frustrated to find the same password as I had tried earlier, but, after looking a little I figured that I probably has miss entered it into the palm. I started thinking of typical graphiti error that could have slipped in. Well first try worked!

OK time to get the bookmarks to work!

OK here we try again

new post to see how it works

This is just another test

And here we put som blah blah just so we can test

And here is another one

let's see if this one works

Here is the second post

Lets see if this works.

First Post!

Here is a test.